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I Forge Iron

n00b here


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Hello all i'm new here,
my interest lies in sword & knife smithing as well as armorsmithing. i am one of thoes L.A.R.P. (Live Action Role Play) geeks
and enjoy making gear for myself and others.
thanks LEX

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Welcome to I Forge Iron. Swords are not a good place to start, especially when you are looking at any contact. even controlled. Stating with basic smithing skills, then small blades such as knives you can get to swords after a while. Also plan to stop in for our live knife chat at 10pm Eastern time every Friday night here in our IFI chat room. we have some beginners as well as advanced blade makers there, and the chats are edited for off topic content then re-posted in the knife section of the forum with a tag including the date of that chat included in the thread title, so those that miss a chat, can read and post comments about it later.

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Welcome aboard Lex, glad to have ya.

Like Steve says starting out making blades isn't the surest nor fastest route to successful bladesmithing. On the other hand you didn't mention how much experience you do have, only that it's where your interests lay.


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