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A try at some nails & bolt heads

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Recently at a rondy, I had a fella ask me to make him a neckerchief slide from a forged nail. Having no header, I just used the vise. IIRC the stock was 3/8 rod. the head was forged and then completed on the far side of the anvil, and the nail drawn. We had decided on the ring size for the slide and I just used a piece of pipe to wrap (based on my thumb size). After wrapping, the nail was not long enough. I laid the nail on the anvil and measured from near side to far side of hardy hole. I THEN hypothesized that I needed another 1/2 inch or so for length to get the circumference length needed. Made a mark with chalk for a goal line to forge to. Grabbing the point end of the nail I forged on the horn to lengthen and then used the far side to smooth up. Then grabbed the head end and made the taper smooth and wrapped. Worked well. This fella shoots Cowboy action and did not have a kerchief with him. I just handed him a large head rag that I use and asked him to check the fit for the slide. He was happy, I was happy and life was good. BTW I continued to re-forge and clean up the head in the vise jaws. Sorry no pics but you'll have that in a big operation (lol).

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