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375 layer hoof knife

Jose Gomez

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Thanks for all of the interest. I think that the coolest thing is that he knows that I fully expected for the knife to be used hard, and actually uses the heck out of it! He shoes 15 horses a day on average, and the knife gets to meet every hoof that he does. Just the other day he brought his son by and I ended up giving him (the son) the knife that I made from the remaining chunk of damascus that I made the hoof knife for his father out of. Here is a link to that knife's thread. http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/f14/375-layer-utility-knife-13069/#post121988

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the workmanship is amazing. but the functional design is even more impressive!
I'm a full time farrier and am used to paying $100 plus for our everyday knives.
A knife like that (especially from a "good" friend would be a priceless treasure.

one curious question i see that it is sharpened from the backside of the blade.
I'm used to a straight back, sharpened from the front. can I get some thoughts on this?

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