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Got me an anvil

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I found my first anvil on Saturday. It is in pretty decent shape, It weighs 75#. I noticed it in a farmers ballast box on the back of his tractor. I asked him if he would part with it, he said "sure..you can have it" So I traded him some large bar ends from the scrap bin at work for the anvil.

I am not sure of the make, or model. Part of it looks like is says "Rhode" you can see it in the picture.

Here is the hard to make out name stamped in the side. I hope someone can help me identify this anvil.



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Condition! Plenty of anvils in daily use in much worse condition than that one. Use it. It is fine.

BTW let me get this straight. A FARMER let you have something of value for, in effect, nothing?? They must be different from farmers in Britain is all I can say!

Well Philip, I guess I should have said, I have know this farmer for years. He didn't want anything for it but I will gladly trade him some scrap metal for it.:)

Does anyone have an idea of the value of this anvil?
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