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Couple of cable questions.


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I have some cable I got with a nylon rope core. Any suggestions for what to replace the rope with? 1095?

I also have some mild steel cable. I would like to put in some steel before welding so I have a hard edge. Would I put it in the center?

One last question: Can you get 15n20 about the same size (+-) as the strands in a steel cable?

Thanks for the help!

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Hope no one minds...just take the cable apart, remove the nylon core and put it back together the best you can..While you have it apart wirte brush it as clean as you can..

Weld the ends together, take a nice bright cherry red heat, lightly flux, re-heat and twist it as tightly together as you can and then start welding. It really won't have much effect on the "pattern" as it's "jumbled up" anyways...

On the mild steel..you have a couple of choices...you can weld up the cable and sandwhich a piece of HC between them or you can weld on a HC edge...after you weld the cable and do some rough shaping.

As for the 15N20...what do you mean by strands? The bundled wires or the individual wires?? Either way it will be hard to find in that size...you may have to draw down larger stock.


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