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Hi From OZ

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G'day all
I live in Coffs Harbour,Australia, a truly magnificent part of our planet.
Just getting in blacksmithing. I am still looking for some basic equipment. I would really like a hand cranked blower, plans /designs of charcoal forges, a couple of decent hammers and of course an anvil for my shed. Ive checked out Ebay but I will have to keep an eye out on the local markets. Equipment seems fairy scarce here, but i'll keep looking.
Thanks for the great site

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Good to see another aussie here. I started my apprenticeship over in Bellingen at P&B Fox Engineering back in 1982. Do you know any of the blokes from the Artist Blacksmiths Assoc who live up your way, one of them lives in Belligen, can't remember his name of the top of my head, another lives in Eungai, down past Macksville. If you know them tell them Phil from Newcastle said G'day. If you don't know them seek them out, they'll assist you I'm sure. Also the AABA has their workshop down at Timbertown Wauchope, they are arranging a big gathering later on around 17th July I think.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya.

A good place to start is reading the "getting started and Blueprints" section of IFI. They'll give you progressive lessons to build skill and there's a ton of plans for building tools equipment and projects being used by blacksmith today.

Of course asking questions on the forum is a good way to get things rolling too.


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Thanks for the welcome guys. The NSW Artistic Blacksmith meet in Port Macquarie once a month, but its three hours drive away, i will get down there sometime, i suppose.
I've got access to some loan equipment at the moment, so i will bang away by myself for a while.

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