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anvil history

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i'm looking for a bit of history on my anvil. anyone know if there is a web-site or anything that i could look up the date it was made, where it was made, who made it and all that junk, i just think it would be cool to know.

i have a #118 Peter Wright, Solid Wrought. and i'll post a picture as well. so if anyone could give some info i would be greatfull.


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After I enlarged the image you posted, there would appear to be a name or other insignia on this side. Even if it is not readable as is, one of us may be able to indentify it from the shape or patterning of what is left of the impression. Also a really good wire brushing may reveal more detail.

Could you post a close up and higher resolution image? Or send me an email with any size file if its too large to post here and I can digitally analyze or enlarge and have another crack at it.

Farriers anvil is a guess, although there are other specialties that require a large horn.

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Hard to tell from your picture, but it looks like the later style of Peter Wright. According to Postman, if it has the word "England" stamped below the word "Patent" it is after 1910.

The Peter Wrights made circa 1885 - 1910 were a little thicker waisted and "squattier" looking and stamped Peter Wright Patent, without the England designation.

Prior to 1885, the faceplate was applied in several pieces, and you can sometimes see the weld lines in the face.

This info is all from Postman.

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i'll get pictures of the title when i go out to the shop, but i have noticed there are several beads of molten metal all over the anvil (where they welded it togeather?) they are all on the sides of the anvil, there are several in a line across from the hardyhole, and there is a line around the waist, and there are some circling the horn.
and there is no "England" stamp under the patent.

i'll get pics soon, but i hope that helps for now.

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