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I Forge Iron

The Old Rugged Cross

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My slightly modified version of a Fredrick's split cross. 1" square stock. Roughly 14" total height. All visible color contrasts are process(es) generated and sealed with inside/outside clear enamel. Cross looks close to being made of wood until you lift it up. Base has a sandstone type rough gritty feel/finish with different shades of coloring.

Thankyou Leah Fuller who assisted me in opening this cross (a few years ago) at Joe Rolfe's place. It was a hot and humid evening, but those memories of dear friends working together will remain priceless to me.

It took me a while to finish this project, but I finally did!



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Tom, what did you use to get that wood grain texture? I've used a small cross peen and was satisfied, but it don't look nothing like that. Great job.

I used a chisel and hammer for hot cutting grain texture, reheating as needed. BTW: I am Stan; Tom Joyce is a famous artist blacksmith whose quote I use.
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I really like this one Stan.

The texture is almost more like bark than wood grain and the color is almost luscious. I'm also impressed with how nicely you got it to open, very even and well proportioned.

Well done.


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Aeneas said:
That is a beautiful cross !
The proprtions are lovely and I love the wood grain finish. I really want to see a blueprint or better yet a video tutorial on how to make these crosses. Anyone know where I can find some?


For starters you may try these at the following links:

Link removed at the request of anvilfire

Link removed at the request of anvilfire

There are other links online if you do a search for "Fredrick's Cross".


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Nice look and detail on the cross.

Roger Cook up in northern Minnesota always forges crosses like this from Wrought Iron if he can. He then works it a little "cold" when he is finishing them up. That "colder" work then has the wrought iron splitting/separating a little. This helps give some of that "wood grain" texture.

Mikey - that grumpy ol' German blacksmith out in the Hinterlands

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