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Hi people


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Hello everyone. I'm brand new to this site, only join today. I have been a forging farrier for 17 years. Due to health surcomstances I'm currently the stable manager at Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital Equine clinic, I hate every minute of it. My big passion is Blacksmithing. Have thought numeris times of making it my profesion, but scared of change, I KNOW "wie nie waag nie sal nie wen nie". At least now I might make some like-minded blacksmith friend to convince me. Hope to hear from you all soon.

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI!! You don't need convencing you just need to do it! Seems a lot of blacksmiths started under a horse. Hope your health improves to where you can get back to what you enjoy. In the meantime there is pleanty to keep you busy here by just reading. Check out the blueprints as well as the gallery. Both have some imspiring things for you to try. Once again, welcome.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya.

Any major lifestyle change is scary, swapping a known for an unknown should be.

So, start slowly and see how the wind blows. Let your current position support you while you get a proper shop established and then if it looks good cut the ties and go full time.

Of course jumping in with both feet from the burning bridge to your past is an option too.

I'm pretty sure there's an option between burn your bridges and never that will work for you.

Whatever you decide, we're in this together and we'll be pulling for you.


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Thanks for your quick replys. I forgot to mention that I'm from South Africa and Afrikaans speaking and my computer skills aren't that great (a bit illiterate in that department) so if that spelling and the tenses and that stuff doesn't always make sense then please forgive me, I am much better with my hands, that I promise you. Like I said: I've been forging for +- 17 years and have made some pretty stunning stuff I think (how's that for patting your own shoulder). My problem is selling it, I rather give my creations away than to charge for something I love doing. Had the same problem when shoeing horses. I know it's wrong, I was taught to help where and when ever I can. I am probably the worst bussiness man there is, I never know how much to charge and when I do charge I feel guilty in taking the money. With shoeing it was a bit easier "charge what the others charge" I am pretty sure that you guys will help me see the light and show me the way.

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Baie welkom, goed om nog iemand te ontmoet.

Ek is nog besig om myself te leer en is nog nie op jou vlak nie. Ek het my nuwe steenkool smeeoond amper klaar en dan gaan ek laat waai.

En ek bly in Bronkhorstspruit.

Nice to meet you, don't worry about the foreigners on this site, they don't seem to worry too much about tenses (thank goodness) , they are so good at spelling, they sometimes even invent new ways of spelling. :D

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