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I Forge Iron

Hi from Sydney, Australia; come join us at workshop


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G'day metal crafters!

My name is Andrew, i'm a balcksmith residing in sydney australia. i did my trade 1996-2002, attending sydney institute of T.A.F.E for 3 of these under Col Pentecost (of famous shiny shoes), the late Ron Larkin and Lindsay Cole, much respected current teacher.
I worked in three businesses, ornamental, heavy forging and general industrial, gaining (to me) some interesting experiance.

Since then i've become a student at Macquarie Uni, the end goal being a museum career!

Now i get my forging fix at Sydney Heritage Fleet's shipyard, on Sydney Harbour. We have a scrap built coke forge and a few old tools for hot work; i'm hoping to add some blacksmithing tricks to an otherwise metal fab oriented workshop.
I was originally lured there 12 odd years ago by my mate who had restored a Davies and Primrose steam hammer (still not finished); the next size smaller than Phil forgemaster's at Kurri/ Richmond Vale.

Myself, i'm slowly restoring a Aussie made spring hammer of c.1920 and making odd bits of tooling. Last week we finished a pair of deck caulking removers; basically a slide hammer with a curved hook on the end.
Next i hope to knock up tongs and tooling for the anvil (3cwt Peter Wright, from memory, needs face build up) etc etc.

Does anyone near Syd know where we can get some cheap 1 inch round 1010 or 1020 for rivets??

Also i dabble in old Vauxhall cars and Bedford light commercials, with a bit of 'living history' craft making.
I'm keen to try some iron joinery, make a 'set' of varied tongs, build a JYH & nice portable gas furnace... ahh dreams!

I'm sure i already know face-to-face Moony, forgemaster Phil and Wauchope Wayne, and i'm sure i'll re-meet others.

Feel free to drop into the shipyard James Craig rd, Rozelle Bay and meet some of the grumpy old coots, Sat is best but also Tues and Thurs. Otherwise i may c ya at Ironfest. An idea i have is to have blacksmithing group meet there... many details to figure out.

well i feel thats way too much rambling, so i'll sign off for now.
yours in metal work,

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Hi Frosty an' Rob,
yeah i definately do often stop and tread water even!
The hammer fixing job is a long one involving welding a chunk back in the frame, reassembly etc etc.

Please suggest which forum to start the story in, powerhammers? welding? projects?miscellaneous? i can post intimate pics of the hammer there.

c ya

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