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I Forge Iron

hello from georgia


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Look at IForgeIron.com > Lessons in Metalworking > Blacksmithing. An anvil can be anything with a mass of 50 to 100 pounds, a ball peen hammer and a hole in the ground for a forge. A little scrounging and the whole thing can cost next to nothing. Look at Blueprint BP0133 the 55 Forge for a solid fuel forge if you want to upgrade from the hole in the ground forge. It works and can reach welding heat.

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Welcome aboard Guns, glad to have ya.

There are lots of knife makers here to talk to and get you off in the right direction.

If you'll click "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location it'll really help. IFI is represented by members from more than 50 countries and a lot of info is location specific. If local folk know where you are they can tip you to get togethers, tool deals and offer hands on help.


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