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I Forge Iron

Hello Everyone


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Hey everybody,

I am new to the whole forging thing. I have been doing it since mid july. made my forge from a brinks smoker and cast iron sink. Picked uop the anvil at Harbor freight with some hammers and have been banging away ever since. Glad I found this page. Thought I might post the first four knives I have made and see what advice I can get. The drop point and skinner are both made from 1/2 inch rebar and the other two are both RR spikes. Still working on the heat treating and hardening.






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Welcome to IFI! Well you have made some fine looking knives there but be prepared for some ribbing from the fellows here. The first thing they are going to rib you about is ASO(anvil shaped object) that you got from Harbor Freight. They are cast iron and tend to be a little soft and don't last to long. The second thing is using rebar for knife making, I have used in the past before I knew better. It tends to snap real easy and you can't heat treat, harden or otherwise change it's composition. Other then that they will think fine of you forge. That I think is a fine idea there using and old cast iron sink for you fire. Cast iron is fairly durable in this instance and you should get a lot of use from it. Well I'm glad you found us and I know you will learn a lot here as I know I have.

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Welcome aboard CoastalScouter, glad to have ya.

Well, a cast iron ASO is better than nothing and RR spikes and rebar count as practice. Forget hardening them into knives though, not enough carbon or in the case of the rebar an unknown amount.

Sinks make fine forges though a SS double kitchen sink works a little better, especially if you can find one of the old shallower ones. Regardless, it's a fine setup to get started.

You have already done the most important thing and that's start heating and beating while you look for "better" tools and equipment.

If you'll click "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location it'll make a big difference. IFI is represented by members from more than 50 countries and a lot of info is location specific. Also, if local folk know you're there they can tip you to get togethers, tool deals and lend hands on help.


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well my .02= have a good liners( clay or ash+ outhers) to line the pot outherwise the porceslien will break(like spalled concrete) so #1 be safe 2 choice material=results3 h/t is diffrenr to all metals. ya got some practice and well worth it. but no to knives, make hooks etc. and work up to high carbon.this is in no way trieng to demean you. just advice,best of luck.jimmy. iffin i can help please git. good folks here

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