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Damascus Mike

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There's a lot of good help available via this forum, search it thoroughly (no doubt you already have) and read all you can. Then try all sorts of things. And find Mick Maxen - I don't personally know anyone better than him at it. I'm not sure if he's a member of this forum, but I know he can be found on British Blades :: Custom Knife Making (Mods, if it's not ok to post links, please delete it?).

Forge welding tips that I know:
Make sure your fire is clean (i.e. no clinker)
Get it HOT! juuust sparking white if welding mild, or a bit less for carbon steels
Tap firmly, don't welly it at first, to set the weld. Make sure you start at one end & work to the other. This squeezes rubbish out on the way, & helps avoid cold shuts.
Once you've set the weld, then hammer on it harder.

Good luck, it's a lot of fun when it goes right! :)

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