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New Project?

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What's a good project for a beginner/young blacksmith who is searching for some fun? It's the weekend again and I am really wanting to go fire up to forge and all the ideas I have had so far are either a bit risky, or I don't have the right tools for.

Anyone wanna help me out? :D

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if you have a railroad spikes, there are a ton of fun things you can do, and it gives good training on moving metal, I make a lot of handles for wire brushes with them, simple and quick, use your imagination, steak turners, back scratchers, wall hooks, good hammerin.

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If you're burning solid fuel you'll need fire tools, poker, rake, shovel, dipper.

Wienie roasters and campfire tools are good too.

"S" hooks and drive hooks are good beginner projects. Practicing wall hooks is always excellent practice and once you've done 20-30 you can start matching them up and making coat racks for folks.

How about a shoe horn? everybody needs a good long handled shoe horn. Remember to put a hook on it so you can pull your boots on once you get them started. Boot scrapers and jacks are handy too. As you get older and stiffer all these become very important.


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