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I Forge Iron

Finally saying hello


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after a few months of lurking in the background learning, and absorbing the large amounts of information available here. With tons more to learn!!

My wife, 5 year old daughter, and I recently moved into our new home in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Now that I have the space I am that much closer to getting a forge built so I can try my hand at forging knives.

I started making knives last year (March of 2008 to be exact) when I became interested in flintlock rifles, and blackpowder shooting. I joined a website forum called "The Traditional Muzzloading Association". I noticed some folks on there making there own accoutrements. I was always one to make my own stuff when possible, so I decided to try and make a knife. I was pleased with how it turned out for not knowing anything about knife making So I made a few more, and learned alot along the way.

I have made six knives to date, all by stock removal. Five of them I made from O1, and one I made from 5160. I am looking forward to forging knives out of some old files, and high carbon steel I have been collecting.

I have rambled on enough. Here are a few pictures of a couple knives I have made so far. I look forward to learning from you folks in the near future.

This is the first one I made...O1 tool steel, hickory scales. I left the scale of the oil quench on the blade for a different look.

This knife I carry on my shooting bag for blackpowder shoots. O1 steel walnut scales with a copper bolster.

This is another made of O1 steel with curly maple scales. This knife is for an online auction for the TMA website I mentioned.

finally this is the last knife I finished. O1 steel curly sugar maple scales, filework on the spine is an opposing arrowhead design. This knife I made for the Pheasants Forever chapter 603 annual banquet. I was pleased that this knife auctioned off for $400.00 to benefit the PF

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Welcome aboard Melsdad, glad to have you.

Nice looking blades.

You'll enjoy playing with fire and hitting things. If you haven't done any forging you should start with that instead of jumping straight into bladesmithing. You'll waste less expensive steel and enjoy better success.


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Thanks for the welcomes everyone. Bruce, you know exactly where I am located. I have a few friends that live in Coulter. Shame you still don't live there, maybe you could teach me a thing or too about forging.

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