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coal forge pot, help needed


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Hi, thanks in advance for your patience and advice. I bought this forge pot and a champion 400 blower at a antique mall. $68.50. overall height 6", length
17.50". square area 10.1/8" x 10.1/8" . handle 24" long. air outlet opening 1.7/8", and 1.75" high off of plate.clinker breaker is 3.50" x 3.50". no name or numbers cast in. my question is what type of forge it came from so i can construct something of similar size so it will work at its best. i know i need to construct a table ,should i use powdered refractory, or brick. does it need the tuyere (the round piece of steel with slots i've seen on ebay) there are no mounting holes either so would i take out the 3 bolts and mount square on top and connect rest under table ? i have a champion rivet forge, and this is alot bigger so thought i would ask.
Glenn, advised that i warm it in a slow oven to adjust it back to heating, but its a bit large for my oven.
any help or advice is welcome and thanks for your time! George




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First, I had to figure out where Tunas, Mo is located. :-) You're not all that far from me, but I've never heard of Tunas.

I believe that tuyere is one that was originally designed to be used in a masonry forge with a bellows. The tapered end of a bellows should fit right into the tapered fitting on the tuyere. The firepot would then be formed with fire brick or whatever in the masonry forge.

That being said, there shouldn't be any reason you couldn't adapt it to a fabricated metal forge and build some kind of firepot around it.

At least that is my opinion, I am sure there will be other ideas here.


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Is the square plate with the clinker breaker on upside down? It looks like it from the photo. If so, it would fit nicely on a table with the appropriate size cutout. Other wise, set it in the cutout with large enough angle iron around the sides for the fire enclosure. Have a side draft chimney setup for best results. Here's one example:


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i believe it is together right as the clinker breaker is up in the cone. if i were to flip it ther wouldnt be clearance.
sounds like a table or a stone forge with refractory is the way to go.
i was unsure about needing a firepot on top of the square part with the cone.
any other opinions welcome.
Thanks, George

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Well you could mount it flush in a steel table top and then just stack firebrick to make the firepot you need for the job at hand but it might be handy to make an approximation of a firepot for that tuyere---just look at commercial ones and do a weld up that will bolt to your base. For a masonry Forge you would shape a depression in the table for your tuyere to mate with.


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