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My New Gas Forge


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Hi fellas, I have this idea for a new, cheaper, gas forge. Instead of propane or natural gas, Methane ! I know, this is going to STINK ! But not if the gas burns with a hundred percent effeciency. The oriface size of the burners will have to be changed from propane to nat. gas, because propane uses to much pressure, and this will be a low pressure forge to be safer. The only drawback is that it needs two people to run it. But because of the low cost of fuel it will be most effecient. Of course the fuel lines can still be soft copper, with brass Flare fittings as they are the safest to date. A pezzo lighter for the main burners is a must though. And from my research it shows that Methane burns HOTTER than Propane, so the heating up period is a lot less. Anyway here is a drawing of the mock up, take a look and see if you can come up with any improvements. I'm sure there will be plenty so thanks in advance for all your suggestions. -----Duck


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