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Champion Blower and Forge power hammer

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Looking at a photo of my friend’s hammer I see that the pitman arm itself is a single piece of forged iron and appears factory original. There is an approximately 4 inch slot in the flywheel in which the pitman stud adjusts. On either side of the slot are open spaces in the flywheel as seen on some other Champion hammers. This slot seems like a potentially weak design and as I mentioned the casting appears new under some flaking paint(also newer) leading me to believe that the original may have broken.

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Does anyone here have one of the Champion Blower and Forge No. 1 "Hercules" spring hammers with the original electric motor mount fastened to the bottom of the hammer frame at the rear?

Most pictured here seem to be driven from overhead lines - or an overhead drive of some sort.

I would like to convert my "Hercules" from overhead to bottom drive and would like to maintain the original look of the hammer are far as I can by replicating the original motor mount. Images are more informative than words...


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Yes, my #1 came as a Electric drive with the motor mount on the bottom. I converted it to an overhead drive because I feel the clutch works better for production work. I would be willing to sell the motor mount and the proper size pulley that cam with it for the top. Send me a PM.

I have to bottom motor mount

original pulley mounted off the back of the hammer.

I'll have to hunt, but I believe I have the original bottom pulley that came off the motor.

If you do set your's up this way you will more than likely have to get a 1150 rpm motor to get the speed right.
they are tough to find

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