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Hi Don,
Baculus is basically a rebar shaped figure, fill over the surface with plenty arc welding and lots of grinding. The texture was achieved welding and scratching the arc rod over surface. The making was in my opinion too laborious and a painstaking experience, not sure I`d like to employ such technique too often. The finish color, will not be as it is, but had to do something quick to send photo to a gallery. He`ll be sitting over a natural rock, and all fixed to a rustic piece of wood. Incidentally, during the making my wife underwent surgery and nearly died. Baculus was entering a contest, so you can imagine the strange mix of feelings going on at once: anxiety, inspiration, depression, you name it! So the result was this fellow somewhat controlling the rattle snake with a stick (that`s how he got the name, from the latin word "baculum"...), and communicating with the reptile. The curious part Don is that the snake as I tried to project the meaning of that sculpture, is his own mind. Baculus was me at the time, and I believe will be just me, so it is very valuable emotionally speaking. Glad you like it. nelson.

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Very well done, Nelson.
I hope the wife is now well. The emotion you describe is the dividing line between Fine Art and Craft in my opinion. If you can continue to express emotion so effectively through your work you enforce the connection between the Artist/Art and the viewer. I believe this connection is the most important reason people purchase Art.
Again, very nice work!

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Hello Bentiron1946,
That snake simbolizes Baculus`mind, after all isn`t it man`s worst enemy (not the snake, our minds) ? Mine bites me too often, one seems to get inmunity but sure hurts, and it definetely can kill... Thanks. Nelson.

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Jedsdad05, Adam end Fe-wood:
thanks for all your kind comments. As a newbie, it`ll take me some time to check everyone`s work and comment as appropiate, but I`m doing so, not only on this Metal Sculpture and Carvings section, as all parts are of some interest, and there`s something to learn from everyone! Fe-Wood, this was the first time I attempted that sort of technique, and as I`m self taught for the most part, there`s a lot of draw-and-erase sort of approach, so the second time around it would take me about one month and a half to have the piece complete. It took 2 months, I know it`s an awful long time, but I have to admit that building up the surface to desire shape getting that sort of texture is just not economically recomended. Well, art is that way too often, and the profit is not always proportionate to the effort, but what the heck, we keep on doing it... lol.nelson.

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