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Forging chrome moly steel

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I have a lot of chrome moly (4130) steel 7/32 by 1 1/8 wide. Haven't even finished my propane forge yet. Need refractories. Any way, I've been thinking about forging a strip of the CM and a file together, twisting and folding into a billet to make a sort of damascus type of steel. Has anyone forged chrome moly with other steel or even by itself?

When I get some photos of my burner and forge, I'll post them.

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Chrome and Ni steels are harder to forge weld than plain carbon steels. How much experience do you have welding up billets?

Just a couple of days at Birdogforge owned by Bruce Godlesky. I've worked and tig welded a lot of chrome moly but not forged any. I bought some plastech 85 refractory for my forge floor and will try some of the file/chrome moly in the near future after finishing up my propane forge.
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If you intend to make damascus, use alternating layers of the 4130 and a plain high carbon steel like 1095, that way when you etch it you will get a nice contrast between the two steels. The 4130 by itself is a bit shy on carbon to make a good knife but adding the high carbon steel to the mix will help some. See Steve Sells post on the Knife Forum about carbon migration.

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