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  1. Well, after reading your posts, and getting some solid advice, I'm ready (I think) to make my first forge. Planning to use Frosty's design for the T burner, fabricate my own shell, and line it according to suggestions I've found in other posts. One question I have, with a thought that goes along with it, is the connection between burner and forge. If this is way off base, someone please let me know. I'd build the burner as shown, and mount to the forge with a street 45 and floor flange as shown in Frosty's pic. on the bottom side of the floor flange, inside the forge, I'd connect a close nipple, with end turned down to match a TIG nozzle. size the nipple so the TIG nozzle is through the liner by approximately 1/2". I'm thinking this for two reasons: Proper nozzle size & shape, heat resistant nozzle to extend wear. A #15 nozzle should fit real nice: .... Commercial link removed....
  2. This is great. Thanks. I know way more about heat treating than I did 1 hour ago.
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