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  1. Carl Schlieper Anvil (Germany) Single Horn 365,9 Lb/166 Kg Double Horn Anvil 154,3 Lb/70 Kg
  2. Does anyone recognize the markings on this anvil?
  3. Hahahaha.... OK, I try make better pictures
  4. Little One...43 Kg/94 Lb, no marking...
  5. Can anyone read the writing on this anvil, and explain the details of this double horn anvil - England - 341 lbs/154 Kg? Mouse Hole Forge Sheffield England Patent, I Think.. Thanks...
  6. Can anyone identify this anvil Marking logo? Thanks
  7. Anvils with 115kg marking & 156 marking
  8. Similar Anvil 492 Lbs(223 Kg) Can anyone identify this anvil? Thanks.
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