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  1. Guess if your opening sentences were clearer, I would understand you big man
  2. Unsure what you mean about nobody knowing to look for my post or city. Guess this is just a copy paste you put out to feel big. Have a good day
  3. Hi team Another Newbie from NZ here Im Glenn, 46, Christchurch NZ I have joined a wee club here of about 8 members Currently repairing some old damaged coal forges Nioce to meet y'all
  4. Kia Ora Dan, Noob from Christchurch here Glenn
  5. A rotor? I like that idea, its smaller than a drum.
  6. OK thanks folks I didnt think I would need a firepot if I built the fire in the middle. I think a small brake drum off a 4 runner or similar could be adapted as a firepot. Im new to this hobby.
  7. Thinking coal. I made the twyeer out of 50mm scaff tube.
  8. Hi, Im new to the hobby, thinking of making a forge from a 2' diamater plough disk It is about 1/4 of an inch thick I have a never ending supply of these What do you think??
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