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  1. Dont tell him that he already gets much to close to the forge while it's running. One of the bigger knives that I'm working on is almost ready for some epoxy. I read that a blade should be "almost sharp" before you grind the final micro bevel, Guess who cut themselves on their "almost sharp" knife today
  2. Roo, My shop rooster was curious as to if what I was making was edible, big nope! He's pretty happy to be included though.. Today's progress on a blade for a buddy
  3. My first makers mark on a blade it can definitely get better but I'll take it!
  4. Thank you people for the compliments! Fresh out of the oven Canola oil makes some pretty colors if you don't get it all off before tempering.
  5. Thank you! Some of my photos don't like downsizing I'm noticing.
  6. I really enjoy making knives so far. This will be where I post some of the ones that I make and hopefully I'll get criticism and see progress as i go This one is 1/8" 1084, micarta & 3/16 g10 pins. It's not finished yet but this one will be; The shovel V2
  7. I enjoyed photography more when I stopped taking it as seriously. Now I mostly shoot with old mechanical SLR cameras when I'm not using the smartphone
  8. I was able to run the forge a little bit today Finally forged my first pair of tongs! I hardened a knife in it today as well. I feel like I have much more control with this propane tank forge vs my old 2 brick forge Thank you people for all of the help getting me this far. I really appreciate it
  9. DHarris, ask and you may just receive. Frosty, I've picked up many hobbies and photography was my favorite for a long time. I still love taking photos but I don't take it as seriously as I used to. Thank you, I appreciate the compliment!
  10. Definitely! I too like to make sure we are 100% talking about the same thing. Plus I'm sure a picture would have gotten me better advice if there were problems
  11. I've definitely seen the term thrown around very losely. I'm still working on breaking some of the bad terminology I've picked up. I'll get there
  12. My apologies.. I completely misread your last post. I plan to harden 1084 in the forge and then temper it in an oven.
  13. Noted. Thanks Frosty. I plan to use 1084 steel
  14. I fired the forge on low for a couple minutes and then let it cool this morning. Now later in the evening I fired and ran it for a bit.
  15. I believe this is what you are referring to. Yes they are. Should they have been more rounded?
  16. Funny enough, I made the press to make the sheath out of XPS foamboard, It works pretty decent. Thank you! Completely 100% agree. I've been practice grinding on 1/8 and 3/32 stock and I've liked it much more then the 3/16 that I was using. Thank you for the commemt
  17. I can completely see what you are saying. I discussed ergonomics with my friend briefly after using it for a little bit and he hit on a few similar points. I appreciate the advice I'm sorry, I think I might have misspoke. I was getting inconsistent results attempting to heat treat 1095 steel I switched to 1084 steel and got much better results. From what I understand 1095 steel requires a specific tempature for a specific duration of time in a kiln/forge. I couldn't do this in my forge. When I switched to 1084 steel, I believe that I got better results b
  18. I made this for a friend's birthday. It's 1095 with micarta scales. I used my 2 brick forge to heat treat and tempered it with a toaster oven. I started using 1084 after this knife because I wasn't happy with the inconsistent grains I was getting while trying to soak 1095 in my little forge. Going forward I want to be more consistent with my bevels and overall fit and finish.
  19. Thank you people! There seems to be a lot of knowledgeable people here that don't sugarcoat things. I think I'll get along
  20. Last bit of kastolite is setting. My shop has been around 86°F today. I've kept a damp towel over the forge, Everything seems to be curing pretty nicely!
  21. Will do! my bad. I'll admit I wrote that in a haste and should have proof read it.
  22. Hello! I'm about 2 months into the world of knife making, which very quickly is turning into blacksmithing. I'm in my mid 20s. I grew up on a ranch, I'm currently building a bus to live and travel in with my lady. This hobby feels right so I'm going to just keep going with it
  23. Just half of the burner port left to do! I went a little thicker on the floor/wall transition that the burner points at. It's definitely quite a bit heftier than when I started. Do you guys think I would be wasting my time setting up a thermocouple in this forge for heat treating? I was thinking about using square tubing to place knives in when I heat treat. Maybe I could just have the thermocoupler in the square tubing instead of in the forge itself? Just typing my thoughts
  24. One more roll should about do it! I might do a couple patches on the floor where it's a little rough, *I didn't notice that yesterday. I'm pretty excited to run this thing but I'm trying to not rush and do it right.
  25. Perfect sense. Thank you
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