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  1. MacLeod the sucker rod hammers should not be hard for a guy that makes dragons that look that good. I just had to build three drifts until I got one that worked.
  2. Twisted X driving Mocs. They have composite toe, arch support and they are light. Not to mention most Western wear stores carry them. The leather is thick enough for hot work and the top is low enough to handle summer heat. As far as acreage, they work great on the tractor but not the best if your terrain is rocky.
  3. Do a search of the American Council of Governmental Industrial Hygienist’s. This is the group the researches the chemicals used in manufacturing processes. The resource will help explain the risks. I agree with Frosty - not worth it. Unless it is Zinc, it will be highly dangerous to heat.
  4. Business in front and party in the back is the formula for the mullet. I don’t have any pics of me doing anything smithing related and I refuse to take selfies. I felt that you can see the absence of hair on the sides and the exaggerated length in the back from that vantage. Hope that helps. Let me know if this helps explain the screen name?
  5. Phats - WC Norris or Norris rods. Their spec charts are all over the net last time I looked.
  6. Thank you sir. As an added bonus it’s no problem to cold bend 3’ sections of 5/8” sucker rod in the pritchel hole. I was trying to move it to get some better light and had to upsize my stock.
  7. Another attempt with better lighting. Please let me know if the stand is more visible.
  8. Three weekends and 17 lbs. of rods later I have a 800# anvil stand for my 700# anvil.
  9. I concur about the black and decker grinder. I have two from the 1970’s. Both of them burned up and were re-wound before I got them. First benefit - you can find access to someone with the capability to wind single phase motors they will likely outlast the user. Second benefit - they make the forearm fatigue of forging seem like a walk in the park.
  10. Red, Those do look like sucker rods, but IMO they came out of a windmill based on their general appearance. Rods from oil and gas service look more disheveled - or they would not be on the surface. If you prefer more information than you ever wanted on H2S and it’s properties feel free to send me a message.
  11. Wire. They usually run in 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8” and sinker bars which are 1-1/4”. If is bigger than 3/4” you can most likely rig a set up to hot fit those ends to your hardie hole. I know there have been myriad posts about that method on this site.
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