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  1. Richard Postman is from what I have read is a legend regarding his knowledge of anvils I would love to hear his thoughts. Is he available through this forum or should I look him up. Thanks Thomas
  2. Picked this up as an upgrade to my budget Amazon anvil at a fraction of the cost, trying to find out as much as I can about it, however no markings or names is making research a little difficult.
  3. Good morning all, I wondered if anyone could shed any light on this anvil, from my online searches I think I've deduced that it's a mousehole anvil, however I'm stumped as to why there's no hardie or pritchel on the face. I am just negotiating a price with a guy and he's offered me this for £100. I currently have an anvil from Amazon, one of the Chinese 66lb Orions and wondered if it's worth upgrading.
  4. Hi thanks for all the advice up to now, I posted a pic of the gauge to show which value my forge operates on as I know some use different readouts, not to confuse anyone but my issue was not that the bottle was empty the forge was off at the time the picture was taken, having spoken to the manufacturer they recommended a good running pressure of 0.1 -0.12 which along with frostys advice of listening and looking should see me through. I am in the process of ordering some suitable fire bricks to block up the back and some of the front to retain heat. Fingers crossed I should get a lot more use
  5. Good afternoon all, I've had my devil forge 2 running for a few sessions and wondered if anyone could advise on correct running pressure. I think with experience I'll get the hang of managing the forge but I've gone though a 13 kg tank of propane in no time at all. I think I've probably been working the steel too cold so had to heat it multiple times meaning I've probably been burning it longer than necessary. Anyway any advice on running the forge would be greatly appreciated and hopefully save me a bit of cash
  6. Had a friend knock this up for me for my 66lb anvil, mates rates and he even CNC'd the bespoke design on the front gratis.
  7. Brilliant, very succinctly put, I'll take this on-board and reference YouTube for a few demos before getting to work. Thanks so much Thomas
  8. I will have to look that up, I'm assuming you mean drawing a file over the blade
  9. Made a start on my first ever blade, as a total novice this was my first attempt at bladesmithing, halfway through and to think it's the first time I've ever struck hot steel
  10. So I've been eagerly sourcing supplies to start a home forge and have been itching to make a start. My forge has been sat waiting for a week for me to fire it up and get started. I thought I'd try make a blade from an old file from my hoard of flee market scrap. I'm sure to the weathered eye it's not that pretty but personally I couldn't be happier. Just need to cut down the tang l,drill the pin holes, heat treat, attach some scales (easier said than done for a total novice) polish and sharpen and I'm hopefully done.
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