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  1. My first anvil, a 430 gram Kohlswa: Not long after that I got my hands on this 81 Kg (178 lbs) anvil. South german pattern and some markings, but no maker mark. Got a great deal on it, paid about $50. After wire wheeling it and applying BLO it looked like this: The markings that are visible. If anyone has any idea about maker, please chime in! I suspect Kohlswa or Söderfors, since that's what's most often found here. I think the step by the hardy hole is some sort of resurfacing attempt and not original. And in this year I picked up this 50 Kg (110 lbs) Kohlswa for $120. Very similar to my existing one but a bit smaller. The markings on this one: It has a military history, I.19 is a Swedish military regiment. And here is how that ended up when cleaned, oiled and mounted. It is too high by choice, for tall friends visiting. Also visible here is my bick, that's too large for the hardy hole in my anvils so I mounted it separately. And a stake anvil that's probably just a part of some old iron gate.
  2. Thanks! I don't really call myself a blacksmith yet either. I'm someone learning to be a blacksmith I didn't think of that, but you are right. The bolt in the back that locks it only has one position, but it should possible to release it and turn it.
  3. The last component I've been searching for to call my shop some sort of "base level" complete was a real leg vise. I've been searching for a while but now I have it. 16.5 kg (36 pounds) and 80 cm long (31 inches). I will clean it some, coat it in BLO and then build a stand. Also some chisels and punches that I will repurpose.
  4. Good guess, the only thing is that I find few examples that are handled in this way, and also all of them seem to have the edge across the handle orientation and not in the same line as this one has. Thanks, I would say you solved it! This makes me think that pnuts idea is right, that looks very similar. I can't imagine cutting a piece of track with it though, must be hard work.
  5. I have this handled chisel, and as the title says I'm unsure if it's a hot cut or some sort of masonry chisel? Or perhaps even a woodworking item?
  6. Thank you! The chance that I come across another deal like that in a lifetime is so low I think I'll manage with my current vehicle. Thanks! Yeah, I'm a strong believer in learning from others mistakes so to have this much information gathered is a valuable resource. Thank you! I guess it would be Slitvarg. Smedja is the Swedish equalient to the word Forge, so it's like "Forge Slitvarg". The treadle design is actually quite common here, they can still be bought new even. The gas forge (Devil Forge) was a welcome addition when I bought that though, the foot crank gets tiresome. It truly was a great score, a car full of tools for under $400. Some things are unused though, like some massive fullers I can't imagine using without a power hammer. I'm mostly doing simple things now; hooks and such. I have bought my first piece of real tool steel though, so the next big project is trying to do a froe. Hah, that's some dedication! I wasn't as determined, but I got going at last.
  7. Hello! I'm a guy from Sweden whose interest in blacksmithing awoke when I learned that my great grandfather was a master blacksmith. At the time I had no means to pursue it though, I was living in an apartment at the time. A couple of years ago I moved out to a house on the countryside though, and then the search started. It wasn't easy though when trying to keep a decent budget. But one day last spring it happened, I went to an estate auction and there were not that many there. I went home with a car full of items. I got an anvil, a forge and some tools. So I set up a small shop in an old shed. Since then I have kept going and the shop now looks like I'm slowly learning, but still very much a beginner. I must give a big thanks to John of Black Bear Forge, his videos is what has given me the most. I've joined here now after noticing that every time I google something this is where I end up, so felt right to join in. Also, as a side note: My other hobby is as a hobby mechanic and I collect mechanic tools. See more of that on https://www.instagram.com/handtools/
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