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  1. I purchased an atlas prototype v4 forge a few months back and no matter what I do, I cannot seem to get this thing to heat up to a welding heat. If I block it up too much with fire brick, the burner sputters, if I leave it open enough for a consistent flame, I reach an orange heat at best. This is the second burner they sent me after the first one would not consistently keep a flame and would constantly fail sending a flame out of the pressure reader thing. Does Atlas make bad forges and I was dumb enough to buy one? or am I likely doing something wrong? I run the burner off a typical 20lb propane tank.
  2. I have been spending my time at my forge trying to forge out some field point arrow heads, but I cannot seem to find a reliable way to attach these arrow heads to the homemade arrow shafts. My idea was to forge it out thin and create a sort of skirt that I could wrap around the arrow shaft , but I don't know how to attach it from there. Has anybody here ever forged some field point arrows and have some advice for me? Any ideas are appreciated.
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