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  1. I built a JABOD box on legs, started an anvil stand, and I ground off the excess wood from my hammer handle. It has been a busy day in my absolute mess of a garage. Oh I also got the the eBay anvil I ordered before I picked up my peter wright.
  2. I got the eBay anvil today and I have to say that it seems to be pretty good for the price. It has about a 65% rebound and it definitely rings. Now to find out how to remove the awful blue paint. I attached a couple pictures, cameo by my newly built JABOD box (I might have went too small), and my unfinished anvil stand.
  3. I can't see a clear defined line between the face and the body to measure the thickness of it. I am going to wirewheel the body but leave the face alone, hopefully that will clear it up. How thick should it be?
  4. Looking into peter wrights, I think you are right. The marking look like this one that I found online.
  5. I would say that the rebound on straight center is 80% and the edges are about 60%.
  6. Well wouldn't you know it, the little craigslist ad I put out a few days ago turned up a little gold for me. At least I am going to call it gold, you all might tell me different. I got a call from a gentleman this morning, and he tells me that he saw my ad and he might be able to help me. He has an anvil in his shop that has been there for 20+ years and he has maybe used it twice in that time. He works on machinery for people and some old man had traded a bit of work for it but he just never used it once he got it. He couldn't tell me the weight but he could give me the dimensions. Based
  7. Thank you MC Hammer! I went ahead and ordered it, I figured it couldn't hurt for $125 shipped from ebay.
  8. Glenn, I think my Railroad Track is smaller than yours. I could be wrong, I am not the best at judging size from images! I added a couple of pics of mine next to a 2 pound hammer.
  9. Thank you Thomas! I think I am going to go the way Charles suggested and buy a block of steel to use until I decide to buy an actual anvil. Just have to figure out where to buy it!
  10. Hey Thomas, My ultimate goal is to make tools for other blacksmiths. I know that I am a ways off from that so currently I am just looking to try my hands at leafs, S hooks, and other beginner things. After I am comfortable with the suggested beginner stuff, I would like to try to make a full set of tongs for myself, and then what ever tools i would need to make a hammer, and then make my first hammer and give it to my Dad. From there I just want to make tools for myself and others.
  11. Glenn, thankfully I am in a position that I could buy a $3000.00 anvil but having had just one short day of hitting metal, I want to make certain the investment will be used by me before I make it! I was just thinking of picking up a farriers anvil because I can get it locally for pretty cheap. (Or so I think. I could be wrong) I really do love the way you put it out there though. It is an investment and cost per use goes down every time you use it and since I will hopefully use it a lot I will quickly "work off" the anvil. But now to go research anvils and all that that entails, I am not even
  12. Thank you Glenn. I walked away, I was just so excited to find an anvil I thought I had to have it!
  13. Thomaspowers, I haven’t a clue but I am sure I could ask the gentleman that gave it to me. Shows my lack of knowledge, those are things I didn’t even think of! Pnut, very good point. The test another gentleman did to show that it was still soft was to scratch it with the side of a key. Is that considered dead soft?
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