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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome! Thank you! I made sure to read that before I made any post. Also, I thought it took last night, but successfully updated. I haven't had the pleasure yet. I'm planning on jumping into a couple classes at Grizzly in the next few months. I'm down in Phoenix!
  2. Hello y'all! I found this wonderful repository from Torbjörn Åhman. I am in the process of building a gas forge and on the lookout for a decent learner's anvil. I look forward to gleaning as much knowledge as I can and sharing my growth through this hobby. A little about myself; my name is Alex. I'm a federal technician that is a mechanic for the National Guard. I've been in the Army for 9 years and a mechanic, professionally, for over 10. I do plenty of diy around the house and have recently found a love and desire to craft with metal. Cheers!