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  1. MC Hammer - Hey mate, thanks a lot sorry for the slow reply there. In my opinion you're on the right track. It's interesting to say the least! Cheers for the reply. Chelonian - Thanks for the tips mate much appreciated, I've set it up nicely now. Have a big 90kg H beam. Going to set it up with a few hard holes anyway. CrazyGoatLady - Thanks for the advice! Great stuff. And thank yoy! Already been breaking it in haha. Such good fun! Thank you very much Steve Shimanek.
  2. Too easy mate, I will take this advice and run with it. Thanks a lot for that. Problem solved!
  3. Hey Steve, thanks for the reply mate. Hahaha that seems to be the case honestly, will be looking into the rest for sure. Quick question. The face of the anvil has a 5mm belly. Would it pay to have it ground machined-milled?
  4. Profile all fixed up, thanks mate. I was also thinking along the lines of having a portable hardy hole. Defiently an option to think about. Saying that it would great to have a complete anvil. I'm guessing it is out of my depth though for now. Thanks for the reply. Good to be here.
  5. Hi there everyone, just kicking off with the blacksmithing trade hoping to get into it. Slowly collecting tools, made a coal forge the other day. Luckily I picked up this anvil for $150 which has some major damage. Not too sure on how to restore the hardy holes. No idea what's going on with the rivet either. I've been told from about hard facing with a welder and also milling, forming lump of steel to weld on the break. Not too sure yet. From tip of horn to break 650mm Anvil face width 150mm Height 350mm Horn length 300mm Any advice, tips, tricks and info would be greatly much appreciated. Cheers guys.
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