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  1. Finally my hard headed butt figured it out. Lol. Closing up the forge and trying to save fuel cost actually backfires especially when forge welding! Ribbon burner gets hot. You actually burn fuel before the forge and ends up lowering temp of forge. Stay away from layer caking! Lol
  2. Ok, so after over a week of setting, curing, etc etc, i finally have results, and im more then pleased, simple specs, 5 inch ribbon burner, 1 1/2 inch pipe 12 inches total length, .030 mig tip, 20 gallon propane tank. Ran at 10 psi for 15 min, then down to 6 psi remainder, forge weld heat achieved, and usage of gas dropped dramatist. I found that i could turn down the psi from 10 psi, down to 6 psi, i even went as low as 3 psi but i could tell heat exchange was loosing temperature. 6 psi seems to be the key in my forge, will it be in yours? I cant tell ya, here are some pics of the build, xxxxxxxxxxxxx for more info and pics as i dont want to make the post outrageously long, much info on this forge will be xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx All in all, im more then pleased, and very happy with my results. Advertising removed
  3. Jusy my 2 cents here, and rot is correct on the air intake...but just from what i see, you have 2 different reducers out of the exhaust or burner side, also you can tell that they are set at different heights, count your threads, also, bures and any obstructions will create a different flame, be sure to check that when fitting identical burners, make sure both are made from simular materials, also your nipple is screwed in further to your one side of your mixing chamber or reducer which ever your preference, you are creating less room for your venturi affect to take affect on 1 side then the other, those are just your starting points, other things to look at , with your set up is split setup, you have both burners running off of the same valve, what you need to look for is a difference between the 2, just like before check centers, and check threads, if your off even a 1/8 inch center, it will want to flow heavy to the shortest route, your best bet, run a single line to a duel setup, with 2 needle valves, this way you can control each burner, ill post a pic of my double burner setup for your reference, always look for obstructions, debure EVERYTHING, and always always double check measurements, your setup makes for alot of fun trying to get them to match perfect. This is most ideal for double or triple burner set up
  4. Well i went to reply to you today, but it seems my post was deleted, i still need to fire it up, which ill do tomorrow, but the plistix900f is finally dry. Still not sure why my post was deleted Frosty?
  5. Id love to, but not sure where to post it, mostly pictures, but i can type the instructions
  6. Ya im not sure myself on why such a long forge unless hes into sword making, even then i beleive he will have to much problems with scaling and heating the steel to many times to lose carbon over time, id prefer a much shorter forge , work only parts of the blade that need to be worked, amd keep my steel intact, even heat treating can be done with a removable back to slide the blade back and forth, in and out to achieve critical.
  7. I agree, and you are prob right, i only stated so because the same happend to me, and no matter how long i ran forge that spot never turned, however i beleive it was do to the fact it was my first forge, and i beleive most of my problem was insulation factors lol, i moved my burners closer together and didnt have that problem, however soon after i built a new forge due to myfuel consumption of keeping it at heat lol.
  8. Arctic, i have done the same thing your doing, ive been forging now for 3 yrs, i always read through these forums and thought well i can tweak this, or try this, andhave spent more money then i probably should have and have lost more time tearing down and redoing my forges... Ive learned alot actually paying attention to what Frosty and Wayne and a couple other notables have said and taught, Id follow there advice andspemd the money once instead of 4 times like i have, btw, here is my ribbon burner , i made myself, cost me 13 dollars US to make.
  9. To me it looks like your spacing between burners are more then a bit to far away, its hard to tell by the pictures, but that is my guess.