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  1. I finished the forge a couple weeks ago. I used 2 inches of Durablanket Z and 1/2 Inch of Dense refractory. The outerwalls are 8mm thick. So far this has hold up pretty good, it takes a little while to heat up the dense refractory layer. Once heated it is pretty hot and I can easily let the burner run at the lowest possible pressure for regular forging. I will probably coat the forge with a layer of satanite.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I called up Morgan Ceramics a couple weeks ago and they sent me to a local supplier that makes custom refractory's. They sold me a bag of Arelcrete LC17T and some Durablanket Z. The Arelcrete is a refractory from the UK. It is a bit denser than Kast-O-Lite but its good enough since I only used it for a small liner layer. I uploaded a data sheet for it. LC17T.pdf
  3. A lot of the suppliers don't ship to Belgium. The ones that do are between a 100 to 200 dollars shipping cost.
  4. So I found this refractory cement. Would this be good as a forge liner? Nevermind, its only rated to 1300 degrees celsius.
  5. I've been looking for Kast-O-Lite 30 on the internet. So far i haven't found a supplier that is not located in the US. Is there an equivalent to Kast-O-Lite 30 that can been found in Europe?
  6. If I use wool all around would that also be good, instead of using bricks in the bottom? What temperature would the ceramic wool have to be rated at? I have found some that is 2600 degree rated or would 2400 also be good since this is a bit cheaper? Also thanks allot for the help and info you've given me.
  7. Okay, thanks a lot for the help! I'm pretty sure that i want to redo the forge, i'd like to make it like the illustration that i posted. Having two inches of Kaowool and around 1 inch of Kast-O-Lite. Would you think that this is a good design for the forge?
  8. If I were to cover my Kaowool with Kast-O-Lite, would I have to ridgidize the Kaowool then?
  9. If I were to redesign the forge i would make it like this. The forge is inspired by Alec Steele's double burner forge except it is just one burner. The inner dimensions of the forge would be 20cm by 20cm by 11cm. Making it 4400 cubic centimeters or 268 cubic inches. The outer walls of the forge would be 5mm thick, it would have a layer of kaowool in the top and bottom of the forge covered with Kast-O-Lite. The sides would be made of only Kast-O-Lite. This Forge can be fitted to the cart that i already have made. I made a quick sketchup drawing to show the idea. Any opinions/improvements i could make to this? Thanks
  10. I got the Firebrick from a site called Kachelmaterialenshop which is located in the Netherlands. I have found a possible supplier for the Kast-O-Lite 30. The only thing that I still have to look for is the Kaowool, but i can probably find this pretty easy.
  11. Thank you, i'm pretty sure that i will use Kaowool blanket and Kast-O-Lite. I'm not sure if i will use the same forge body since its build around my firebricks. And could use some improvement: the walls of the forge should probably be thicker since they are only 3mm thick. The first time the forge got hot the walls around the opening melted and bent thats why I had to cut the opening bigger.
  12. Ok, do you think that it would be possible to put a kaowool fiber blanket in this forge and then line it with Kast-O-Lite?
  13. Would Kast-O-Lite 30 be as good as using firebricks? I would rather use something castable .
  14. Thanks for the reply! I will look in to those Morgan Thermal bricks. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I understand you're concern on the long piece of pipe. But this would seem strange to me as Gameco sells them like that. I could of course always make something to hold up the hose, so that there isn't any force on the burner.