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  1. CGL I'm not sure what breed he is, he's a lot smaller then any other rooster that I have had. He thinks I'm his daddy won't let me out his sight even with the hens around.
  2. This little guy follows me everywhere he thinks he is a blacksmith
  3. Hearing is a must to protect, I have lost my hearing had go through lots of different hearing aids nothing helped I now have a cochlear implant and I can hear again. It's expensive so protect your hearing
  4. I have that same basic setup it's worked well over last 6 years
  5. All the camp grounds are RV friendly with full hook ups no off-road or dirt roads to get to them, with my Jeep I will throw in supplies and stay on the trails for a couple days if I’m in that area I will stay a night to use the pools & shower. -20 ouch I would much prefer +100, in a hot tub watching your northern lights that would be cool
  6. The dog is 25 lbs. Frosty if you do make it this far south, summer is to hot for that area. Late fall to early spring would be good, if you’re camping check out the east side of Salton Sea down highway111 adjacent to the chocolate mountains the camp grounds have mineral hot springs that feed all the pools nice & relaxing. I have an old jeep that I do a lot of desert travel with.
  7. No not on purpose, but you are so right the amount of people and traffic here sucks I retire in a few months so we will be able to travel when we want, if it wasn't for our 6 grands kids that are with us often we would be out of here!!
  8. Mudman I like that piece, for our area ever time I light up the solid forge I fear smog police or fire dept. will show up that's will coal, I have coke so I will try that to see how much smoke I get, I do use a torch set for items that don't fit the gas forge
  9. Out in the So. Cal. ( Anza Borrego ) there are a lot of metal art pieces done by some metal artist that are really unique. I put my dog with the pieces so you see how big they are. Between the spring bloom and the metal works it was a good drive
  10. Both items are cool, I'm going to try something like your plant hanger there is so much scrap rebar laying around on job sites that I can have it doesn't matter if I screw some up
  11. Thanks, I appreciate the kind words Safety first even if the safety glasses are a little nutty
  12. That is nice, the wife would like it
  13. A simple railroad spike person taking out a house plant I have made some with chainsaws and with shears.
  14. Finally stopped raining so got to go outside practice on some railroad hooks, I have a lot of railroad spikes & scrap metal so I can keep trying different projects, that's why I joined here to soak the info.
  15. I really like that flat twist, I can see using something like that for a candle holder or a lamp lots different ideas, I watch and like your videos I take away a lot of info. thanks
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