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  1. I have a 7ft length of 3/4 X 3/4 bar stock of 4143 steel. I have no idea what to use it for. Knives, cutting tools, hammer(small), etc. Any ideas?
  2. Door knocker: 1/2” square bar and 1/4” X 1 1/2” bar Planter hook: 3/8” rebar and 3/4” rebar, the big hook was done a few months ago, but din’t Have anything to use it on until I started messing around with the looped &coiled end. The link is not welded. I flattened a scrap piece of the 3/4” rebar and made to square nuts, coiled bar shaft was threaded to 3/8” -16 and tapped the nuts the same. Big square washers from scrap angle iro I had laying around.
  3. Thanks for fixing the title, mods.
  4. Thomas, I’m not sure, i’ve Never really measured it. This is my second fill up, the first fill up lasted 6-10 hours a wee irregularly, for 4+ months. I didn’t use it every week. I start it at 4psi, and back it down to around 2.5 psi for the best flame, once it starts to heat up. The fan is at minimum, and the gate valve is about half closed. I do all my flame tuning by sound. Steady rocket engine with no stuttering and No stovetop blue flames coming out the front.
  5. I have a cut price of soft fire brick, that normally sits on the right side of the opening.
  6. I don’t have a edit option for the first post!! I just realized my post title is really messed up!! It’s supposed to be “Noob here—this is my forge” [Mod note: fixed] I apologize for the mistaken name calling.
  7. Good afternoon lady’s and gentlemen, This is my first post figured I’d introduce myself, post some pics of my current forge and ask some questions about my next build. 1st, I posted my location since I’ve seen Frosty or someone else suggest it on every other new guy post. Only been beat on steel for about 4 months now. Hammered out a few barn hooks, a couple of leaf-ish chopsticks holders for the wife and mother-in-law, and a knife or 4. None of the knives are finishe, so no pics, yet. My forge setup My burn chamber when hot Notice the pit from the first and only time I trie
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