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  1. Thanks, that's a good idea. I'm not sure about how to do the genealogy but I'll start in that very soon I'm sure I can figure it out on the internet. Thank you again for the great advice.
  2. Wow Mc hammer your right, mine does look almost exactly like the moses anvil thay someone sold for $4000 in australia, which is supposed to be like the oldest one in America or something. I don't think I'll use her. I'm about to go and try cleaning her up now. I'll post a few more pics before and then after ao everyone can get a closer look at it. I'm really excited to have this. My wife found out and wants to sell it but I don't think I could ever let go of something like this. It's just too old and to me it's just about priceless. I meant to put in there that thays what I popped up when I searched Rochester historical society anvil too. Yea Ibe got a 98# I'm going to look at this weekend for my beginner anvil thomas.
  3. Thank you so much Mc hammer, I really appreciate the info you peovided. I will clean it up and show more pics. I will look for another to use as a working peice. I was told this has been in the family at least 6 generations so I won't part with it. But I'm really proud to have it bow thay I'm learning more about it. I am really hoping I can find some kind of mark on it thay at least tells me the company. Again thank you for your input. Hope yall keep them coming.
  4. Oh don't worry, I will. I put it on the cart to roll it over to weigh it. So you think it's a fisher anvil? How old do you think it is. I'll take a wire brush and try to look for some markings tomorrow. You seem to be an expert frosty. Is this of for a beginner or should I get something a little smaller. And if I were to sell it what do you think I should ask?
  5. There is a hole on top in the back for the pieces, I don't have any of course but am on the look out for them. So yes there is a hardy hole. Just hard to see from the picture. I'll put some more up here tomorrow. Thank yall for all the help so far. But yes any expert, well any opinions would be very welcomed.
  6. Yes I read it, thank you. So this would be a good beginner anvil. Thanks for the input. I was just think that it's so old that it might be better off to a collector and get me something a little smaller and ready to go but I guess I'll go ahead and try her out. What are the prices on something like this.
  7. Ok so do is this still ok to work on then. Is it a rare object, should I sell it to buy a different on for a beginner it weighs 140 pounds on the scale. I will post more pics to orrow when I go back out to the shop.
  8. I wanted to try my hand at blacksmithing and I dug this up from my grandparents old house before it gets sold, I know nothing about it could someone please help me out a little. It's been in the family for several generat I on but hasn't been used in a very long time. I don't even know how to clean it. And info on this anvil or any tips to cleaning would be great, thanks... Russ
  9. Please help I'm new to black smiting does this look like a good anvil it's been in the family a long long time and I just was able to dig it out from my grandparents old shop before we put their house on the market. Any ideas of age how to restore type. Any answers would help thanks.
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