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  1. Ok y'all. Haven't really been around much. Life hit a hard spot. Jacked up my shoulder a while back. Turns out I pinched a nerve and may have damaged the laborum. Off work for the last couple weeks and getting alot taken care of. Going to pick up the rest of my burner materials today, plenum and mould wood. Can't really do much heavy stuff, but I figure I can get the forge done. Been working on vehicles mostly (thank god for the gofers). Don't have to slam the truck door anymore. Feels like I been lazy long enough.
  2. Yeah I found some online too. 100lbs for $99, shipping is probably a little rough though.
  3. I talked to a fellow at the yard. Got told no walking the road bed but the fence line they weren't worried about. My side of the fence, my spike deal. He even knew where I was talking about. He was on his way out, little gruff, but can't blame him. * probably just buy them if I need any more, avoid the possible misunderstanding
  4. True. They're still in the truck. I'm gonna swing by the shop on my way home. 3 minutes out of the way. I can always leave them there if it applies.
  5. Not 100% sure how it works exactly. I misspoke, I was never on railway property. We have land that borders it. Most of these were in our fence line. I'll check into it though. *I know trying to scrap anything like that is illegal though. But I believe, at that point, it is considered abandoned property. But I'll still find out.
  6. Got my order in. Thank you Glenn for that box of dirt tip. Got one in the works. Old lady is grabbing clay tomorrow while I bid a welding job. My woman wants to build a Cobb rocket kiln, that's why she is willing to dig clay. Walked the tracks today got 40- 50 lbs of spikes and track clips. Couldn't find any track plates. But I can at least start making tongs and whatnot. T-burner works. Can't wait to get the ribbon block cast.
  7. Kinda what I figured out. I'll be hitting Glenn up after I do some math.
  8. No pictures yet. But I picked up some zircopax and bentonite today with a 1" kiln shelf. No refractory on hand... bummer. No rigidizer either, but got told water glass was a good way but I'm not sure it will hold up to forge temps. The supply store was a kiln shop, soo... gonna check around see what I can find on it.
  9. Got the steel cut and welded 3 pieces together. Debating on just lining it as is and making an oversize "plate" to set it all on. I figure both pieces should be 600 in³ total. So 2ea. 3/4 T to NARB should do just about anything I could want to do for this size and not be too much of a gas hog. Gonna go look at refractories some more. What else to do when sleep eludes?
  10. Ok so I had a plan for 6x6x18 interior, changed it up and am thinking about 6x5x10 with a 3/4 t to narb. But I want to build 2 of them that I can put together for heat treating larger items. Got my steel and wool, working on getting refractory and wash. Got another thread going on tabcast 94, thinking of using it as my refractory, but with limited info I'm just not sure. It's high alumina so it would make a great floor, I'm thinking. But with that being said, been around but I know just enough to get myself in trouble. At least I know that much though. Input is welcome, prior military so good/bad/your screwing up doesn't really bother me. It's a learning experience.
  11. On this note... 2" of 8lb 2600 wool... I ended up with 6lb. I'm thinking I should probably add a 3rd layer.... would the density difference really effect much other than the warm up period?
  12. I'm very familiar with it. I'm down at Gainesville but up that way with appalling regularity. Ozark nixa and Springfield... I'll check them out.
  13. Just seeing if anybody has used this stuff or if it would be a good refractory for a forge. 94% Alumina dense castable, 3270F max temp. All the info I've seen on this was offsite. Couldn't find a reference to it on here. From what I've looked at, it might be overkill but maybe less time redoing it since I'm not planning on much welding for a while. * Also might see about using for ribbon block..
  14. Hey. Not exactly new but I been gone for a while. Who all is around the mountain home area? Kinda all over the place... farm in MO, work in Flippin...kinfolk from old Joe to cotter. Live up by midway.... anyone around ?
  15. Done a lot of reading but I haven't seen anything, so I'm not even sure it's an issue. Does rigidizer bond on both sides of the wool, or is that just an interface between wool and flame surface? Used a lot of forges over the years but never got into building my own til now. Just want to make sure I get it right. Bought my steel and made my t burner today, probably gonna make a standard burner for now and cast a ribbon later. Focused on forge for now...
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