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  1. Thomas, no sir, nothing but the heart with H and the word Germany. It’s not important but it drives me crazy, crazier, when I can’t find out something like that. Appreciate your response though.
  2. Thank you, George. You confirmed my guess that it would be a mule shoe if for no other reason that size and shape. I’m not sure how old the horses were before they began shoeing back then but they just didn’t look right. If you had to guess what time frame would you put these in?
  3. Thanks bunches! I saw a few on eBay and such but you really can’t go by those. I’ll che k out the info.
  4. Yes sir, it is. I’m trying to find approx age. I’ve seen ones that look the same that are listed as mid to late 1800’s. I’m a sucker for vintage items, heck I’m still married to my husband. Especially like this since it was my great grandfather’s.
  5. Thank you sir. It was my understanding that I put the original in the wrong thread. Then I went to this one. THEN I saw somehow I posted it twice! I tried to figure out how to delete but if you can I didn’t find it. When anyone complains I’ll own up to it and apologize because I truly didn’t mean for this to happen. I looked through all the types of sections AFTER IronDragon (hope that’s not a description of attitude, just kidding little lizard) pointed it out to me. To be honest I’m still not sure it is in the correct place. I seriously do hope I’ve not offended anyone this early. Geez, I’m screwed on my first post.
  6. Oops, I thought I did that. Vero Beach Florida
  7. Thank you for your suggestion.
  8. Hello all. I’m new here. I’ve never worked with metal but think it’s an interesting craft and appreciate the work and artistry involved. I’m hoping someone either is familiar with or has a suggestion where to look for information. I have an old horseshoe or maybe muleshoe that while plundering in in my great grandfather’s old store building. There was a small wooden barrel full. On the curve it’s stamped with a heart shape and a H below. Along the left side the word Germany. I think it is interesting and would like to know more about when it was made, who made them and what the heart H means. Any help given would be really appreciated. I also found a cast iron old tobacco cutter that is rather neat.