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  1. Skunk Piper

    My first forge..jabod..kinda

    Right, I've updated my profile...and here's a couple pictures of the fire pot
  2. Skunk Piper

    My first forge..jabod..kinda

    Irondragon, I have now read That, sorry i should have read it first! Frosty, I will get a picture of the pot tomorrow after I clean it out, and thanks for all the tips. I know we need better eye protection..we just got caught up in the excitement that it actually worked! We managed to get 3 pairs of tongs finished up and goof around with some scrap metal. I was kinda thinking what you said about the r.r. track seemed like I was fighting it more than working with it. Sly, Thanks for that download..that'll keep me reading for quite a while..which is good I like learning.
  3. Skunk Piper

    My first forge..jabod..kinda

    My sons, dad, and I have wanted to try smithing for a number of for Christmas I got them all hammers and tong blanks from Ken's Custom Iron and my wife surprised me with a r.r. track anvil made by one of our friends. So I have been reading and learning as much as I can on this site and this is what i came up with to get started. Its 1x6 pine with plywood base on an old bbq cart. Fill is some old adobe bricks and cat litter. The fire pit is 6x8" and 3.5" deep. I got a bag of anthracite coal from TS since its walking distance from my house. It's not perfect but we're having a blast and learning lots. Thanks to everyone on this forum for all the knowledge sharing!