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  1. Hallo there Meissenmann, For a first try that is an excellent piece of work.You definetly are going places.I am impressed. Viele grusse Herman Bayer Ursus forge South Africa
  2. Hallo Hilton, I went through the same stages and have now branched out into artist blacksmithing.I did a lot of research via the internet and various books but am still only scraping the surface. What I do find is that as I progress I am developing my own style and preferences.I enjoy scrolling by hand as well as a wide variety of other techniques. I still want to learn so much as I progress deeper and deeper but am limited to an extent due to time constraints and the fact that I work alone. I would like to host you to my shop and if you ever come out the Vereeniging way, do come and vist
  3. So what about plans or guidelines for an air hammer.I have access to compressed air and figure that I could productively use that as a motive source.Can anybody point me in the right direction? Keep Hammerin'
  4. Hallo Johan, Ja die hamer storie is nogal iets ne.Daardie soort van hamers is nie vryelik beskikbaar nie so n mens maak maar jou eie.Ek het n ou duoble sledge van 3 kilos gevat en sy een oppervlakte teruggesmee soos ek dit wou gehad het.Ekt toe die hele spul non magneties verwarm en in my knife quenching konkoksie,nl Ou karolie, Atf en diesel gemeng tot n dunnerige vloeistof verhard. Daarna het ek dit in my oond laat bak vir so 3 ure op so 200C.Dit word dan so n donker strooikleur.(standaard prosedure om messe te temper)Sover werk dit ok,maar dit is vanselfsprekend nogal n oefening, Yes
  5. Welding in the forge is not used today to the extent it once was thanks to all types of time saving welding apparatus and because of the skills needed to join metals in the fire.Still there must be people out there who still utilize this method and in fact have become expert at it. Are there still smiths who weld blades of carbon steel to mild steel bodies in tomahawks and the like? Come share this knowledge with us, or just tell us how to get started. What to do and what to avoid.How important is flux? Is welding different when using gas vis a vis coal and coal vis a vis anthracite? Lots
  6. Hallo Wim, Well, being in the Uk is no guarantee of not being bothered thanks to that wonderfull invention called roaming. At least I have heard your voice and now we can go ahead.I have also responded to the Upcoming Dutch Market and we will discuss that further when the time draws near. I am in a design Phase right now between projects so I haven't burnt Cole for a week or so, having been busy with a glass topped garden table which I had to engrave and apply a rust finish for this particular order.Took me more than a week can you believe? But that will probably change within a day or
  7. Thanks for the feedback Wim.I'll gladly join the Demo.If you have a problem with heat I can bring along a gas forge (Postbox or Horisontal type).How about a scrolling Demo.Always popular and visually entertaining? Just finished and delivered a garden table with extensive scrolling in it.So I been there recently and thoroughly done that, with more than my fair share of Murphy's thrown in. More info closer to the time? Slaat die yster terwyl hy warm is!
  8. Hi Kevan, Now look at that! I have a forge in HOK too!And I never knew anyone else was so close.Do give me a buzz and lets get together.Puhleeze.Contact me on 0824902620 or 016 3660901 regards Herman
  9. Hallo Wim, Work in Kempton Park, live in the beautiful village of Henley on Klip.Operate a forge part time.please keep me posted on events and get togethers.Like you I thought I was alone out there.Contact me on 0824902620 or 016 366 0901. Smithing regards Herman
  10. My smithy is in a lean to in the corner of my erf,next to a thatch storage building which houses a storeroom and a workshop.About 60 sq meters under roof.Started off as a knife forger some years ago but soon branched out.I have two gas (Post 0ffice and longitudinal) forges driven off an electric blower and two coal forges, one of which is a long sword forge(40 inches)I use anthracite as fuel and can easily achieve welding tempratures in any of my forges.I designed and built the whole shop myself from casting the concrete floor and installing the electrics from books and the internet.I have two
  11. Hallo there, I came across your forum today and was pleased to see that there are others like me out there.I am located in Henley on Klip near Meyerton and run a small forge Two coal and 2 gas fires strictly spare time.Please supply me with contact details of forum members as I would like to become involved.Do I have to join and if so how do I go about it?Details:Hermann Bayer (Ursus Forge) 0824902620 hermanb@ekurhuleni.com
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