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Anyone from KwaZulu-Natal

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Hi all

Joined the forum recently and thought I would see if there were any local (for me) blacksmiths.

You guys that live up "there" have all the fun, I am a knifemaker and when looking for groups for that, same thing happened, you are all up "there" :mad:

I suppose us Durban ou's don't like lifting heavy things :D

Anyway nice to hear from any Durban/Natal based smithy's

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Hey bro.

I'm not a blacksmith yet, but a mate of mine and me are trying desperately to get hold of stuff to start. We can make a coal forge no problem, we just cant seem to find an anvil down in durb's anywhere. Perhaps you know of where we can pick one up?

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Hi Oz

You and me both, still looking for a "real" anvil myself, cant find any here in KZN, or at least none that are available for sale.

I am currently using a anvil made from a section of railway line. It was made by a old school artisan many years ago and has a bit of horn that has been ground down on one end.

Not ideal but at least I can get small work done on it.

I found that and large engineering ball hammers and tongs at second hand tool and machinery shops in and around Durban.

You have to just keep going back again and again.

I am running a gas forge, neighbors not too happy with coal :)

Where are you guys her in KZN? you should edit your account to reflect your location :D

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Thanks for the welcome. Updated my location. My mates place, where were going to be setting everything up, is on the Bluff.

Going to try work on a forge this weekend and see how that turns out. Jeff, did you buy or build your gas forge?

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Hi Oz Hello Jeff,

Glad to hear there's a couple of Blacksmith in the Last Outpost. Sorry to hear you feel all deserted.:(
But hey 600 km is not that far, if you want to come up to attend a forge in or something we can accomodate you for a sleepover somewhere. There's guys coming over from Cape Town once a year. Let me know if you guys are interested, then I will keep yous in the Loop of any events.

Blacksmith greetings, Wim

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