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Wheels on the Vaal 2009


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The wheels on the Vaal event is fast approaching. This year we will have new combined project to complete with all the participating blacksmiths, over 2 days, and it will take place the weekend of 5th and 6th September, on the campus of the university of Vanderbijlpark, on the banks of the Vaal river.

This year we will attempt a traditionally forged sundial. All the names of the participating smith will be punch marked on the endresult, as has become the tradition over the last years.
If you are living or visiting in South Africa please watch this thread for more details, as I will place directions, a drawing of the project, and other participants are likely to also add their input to this thread.

We certainly hope to see you there, the really wonderful event for any blacksmith, no matter what your level.

I am at this moment in the UK, but will be there. For any questions, you can email me on wim@pfe-online.co.za

Hope to see you there, blacksmith greetings,

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The annual Wheels at the Vaal exhibition is organised by Chevrolet South Africa, and is held on the grounds of the University of Vanderbijlpark. This year the event takes place on 4th and 5th September 2009.
For many years the organisers have hosted our Blacksmiths group, and it has become the highlight of our Blacksmiths calendar. We are exhibiting the traditional craft to Blacksmithing to the public, be it in an artistic form, and hopefully inspire some to join the craft, as hobby or vocation.

Project Sundial
This year

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As usual we had a great time, we had a record number of smiths and families this year.
We made a hemispherical sundial, of which you can see the pictures on the gallery under Blacksmithing events/ Wheels on the Vaal 2009.
From Friday afternoon 16.00 hr till Sunday afternoon 17.00 hr we had a great time talking to each other, forging, demonstrating to the public, learning from each other, stretching our comfort zone in the art.
We had good exposure, there was a TV crew of local TV channel Kyknet, that interviewed Coenraad, and took a few lovely shots of our area, while everybody was beating away.
Wim was interviewed by countrywide Afrikaans Radio station RSG (Radio Sonder Grense). And there was a lot of interest from the public, also from people interested in starting to do Blacksmithing.

The sundial is not completely assembled yet. There is about 4 to 5 hours left for 2 smiths, but once its all finished we will post some pictures of the final object.

If you want to know more about building a sundial, and would like to know how to calculate angles and hourly pitches, I can give you some easy shop trig tips.

It was a really nice project for a combined effort. There are a lot of elements for old fashioned skill, bur also nice things that accentuate the arty skill in people, something for everybody.


I can't wait for next year!

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