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  1. Thanks JHCC, I will have to do so next time I get the chance!
  2. I made these over the last few days. They include three hooks of varying sizes as well as a hot cut tool I ground out of a jackhammer bit. Not the cleanest or straightest grind, but I was worried about making the edge too thin. It cuts well, however I have to find a way to mount it, as I dont have an anvil with a hardy hole! I have been improving my punching, as the holes have been getting cleaner.
  3. Congratulations on the anvil! Great find!
  4. Made these two hooks this afternoon. One was a traditional hook, and the other was an attempt at a double hook. The double turned out a lot rougher.
  5. That is a lot of work for sure! But it looks excellent and matches the aesthetic of the wall.
  6. Looks awesome! I really like the look of the plain steel with the bone handle.
  7. I may have jumped into making tongs a bit prematurely, as evidenced by the tongs themselves. However, I'm glad of the experience, and they will make a good set piece to see how far I have come after a lot more practice, as you said Frosty. Frosty, thank your for your words of encouragement and advice with practice. I will definitely be practicing more as time allows. Thomas, I didnt have a rivet the right size, so I hammered one off of a really long piece of stock and it ended up being really unwieldy to try and hammer in. I will remember to use that rule when I rivet in the future.
  8. Hello, I havent had the opportunity to forge in several months. Finally had the chance to do so. I am a beginner, so I wanted to make a pair of tongs, as it seemed good practice. It was quite the adventure, especially trying to rivet them together, which kinda failed... Overall, they are ugly, crooked, and beginner tongs, but they are still tongs.
  9. Hello all, I have been browsing this site for the last couple weeks, since I have always wanted to start smithing. I finally have started, using a gas forge and a railroad track anvil, with the help of my sister-in-law's father who smiths. Made this today, first item out of 3/8" mild steel. Glad to be starting on this journey! Thanks, Mandragoran