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  1. Thanks for the info on Kasto and Miz. When I was searching for rigidizer to saw the same thing. Auto parts are the same way.
  2. The forge I ordered claims to have rigidizer on the blanket. Can the seal coat be placed over that? When you say seal coat do you mean refractory cement such as this: https://www.amazon.com/MEECOS-RED-DEVIL-611-Refractory/dp/B002OU2Y62
  3. From what I understand Rigidizer what I need to help make ceramic blankets safe I am searching and find posts about how people wanting to make rigidizer and it being expensive. I find people saying to spay it on the blanket, other say soak it. Other have different information about how to mix it. I found what seems to be rigidizers used for forging and coating ceramic blankets for what seems to be relatively inexpensive. Do I spray it on or soak it?
  4. Any suggestions on what to buy?
  5. Thanks for the responses. Thanks for the information about the safety aspects. Can anybody provide me with the link to forges 101. When I searched it I get almost 3500 returns, I went through the first pages and many people talking about Forge 101 but can't the actual link itself. Before I post it I searched here and the number responses on the subject was overwhelming. I know it may sound bad or lazy but I am looking for the easy options at this point untill I can gain a better understanding on this topic.
  6. My son is junior in high school and enrolled in a program studying welding. He also wants to get into blacksmithing primarily making knives. For Christmas I am looking at getting him some items he will need for blacksmithing. One of the items is a Forge. I needed to be portable, operate on propane, perform and safe. The forge below is about $170 on eBay. Would this work to get him statred?
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