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  1. I like that! Thanks for the tip!
  2. Well here it is. First off I've never built a forge or anything like it before lol so be gentle! And a big thanks to Wayne coe for all the supplies and super fast shipping! I Ran out of propane shortly after this video so I've only had it running for a few mins. I dislike the air valve I used because it's hard to turn it but it will do for now. It's not 100% finished plan on adding some things ie shelf ect. Seems like it was burning well but in intrested in what the hoard has to say lol. For some reason most of my pics wont upload.
  3. I want like 100 anvils. Never realized how interesting and cool they are. So much history.
  4. Wait....were not supposed to use plaster of Paris for our forges!?!?! Mines right between knuckle and wrist height. And I did grind down the edges of the square tube. Who leaves sharp edges? Lol. Thanks for all the Input , I would like to do a metal stand in the future but I had all the wood lying around for this. I was just out the 8 bucks for the sand. Worse comes to worse I'll just blow it up with some tannerite!!!
  5. Just made this guy. Turned out well. Super stout. Got the idea from this video on YouTube.
  6. And in the darkness forge weld them!!
  7. It's the king in my garage!! My precious!!
  8. Thanks for the replys! Just getting into blacksmithing. About to attempt a ribbon burner build for my heat, now I have something to hammer on. I'm located in Brighton Colorado. And now I have read that lol
  9. Just got this bad boy for 350.00 seems to be in great shape. What say you guys? Has 0 rust on it or its coated in something not sure. Great ring to it. Thinking 1890 ish
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