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Found 12 results

  1. Just got this bad boy for 350.00 seems to be in great shape. What say you guys? Has 0 rust on it or its coated in something not sure. Great ring to it. Thinking 1890 ish
  2. My son and I have been using this anvil as we explore our new hobby. I was recently told by another smith that our anvil is really old. Any help id’ing would be greatly appreciated. Only marks are 1. 0. 9. Note that one of the feet looks to have been forge welded back on. is this by chance armitage, mousehole, English London ..????
  3. I recently picked up a 185lb mousehole for 1.75/pound in pretty decent condition. My question is, I notice there is a very distinct arch on the bottom of the foot that seems quite intentional. The arch means that only the corners touch a flat surface. My instinct is to try and "fill" this arch in with something (lead, silicon...) to both deaden the ring and allow for a more solid contact point between the anvil and stand. Does anyone know the purpose of this arch? Do all Mousehole anvils have this? My other anvil is an "American" and has a flat bottom and do most other anvils I have seen. I will post a picture when I get a chance. Thanks in advance, Eric
  4. the anvil on the far right is one i will be bying. Around 118# pounds getting it for 245$(Which is the cheapest I have found in a 7 hour drive radius) I am thinking it is a mousehole? The seller said he cannot find any marks on it, but I will look when I get it. Just from looking at it what year do you think it is, and did I do good? It is a 6 hour drive away.
  5. nickh


  6. nickh


  7. Just got my first real anvil. (see attachments) this has to be the nicest mousehole I ever seen. It needs some cleaing and a stand, but it rings. :D Does anyone know how old the anvil is? I think it's from the early/mid 1800's. I'll post some pictures when it's all clean and with a stand. The rust is mostly fresh and only on the surface, so it should be a simple clean up.
  8. Hey all, I finally found my first anvil! I wanted to share my new toy with all of you (visually B) ) and give you some before and after pics. It's a Mousehole, marked at 125# (1-0-13) but my bathroom scale measured a bit over 119#. I got it for $150 via C-list. Based on the ABANA forum it's from the early to mid 1800's. You can just barely read: "..........AGE ....USE HOLE" My wife and I have had many laughs over the implications of an 'age use hole.' Anyway, this is what it looked like when I bought it. As you can see, it was pretty ugly. It had about 5 different shades of spray paint on it, black, orange, silver... yuck. There was also some thick stuff glooped on the the horn which seemed impenetrable. You could barely see 'HOLE' through the orange. I had a National Guard drill this weekend, so I used the anvil as an excuse to buy an inexpensive battery charger and set up a simple electrolytic rust removal station If I'd had more time I would have found more materials and made a better setup, but this worked quite well. It zapped for 2 days and after a rinse and a scrub: I gave it a good massage with a generous helping of linseed oil, and it stands ready to be used. It has a slight sway back, but I've read from a lot of you that a sway can be beneficial, so I will leave it alone. Aside from that, the only real flaws are a very slight mushrooming on the edges and a good size chip on the step behind the horn. There's also no pritchel hole, but I'm assuming I can improvise something for punches. A friend of mine is going to give me a stump that I will set it into. I need to come up with a small forge set-up, so if anyone has ideas, feel free to shoot. Here's more pics!
  9. My 1830's-1850's mousehole anvil's faceplate cracked yesterday. The crack is small and in the middle of the faceplate. It doesn't extend to the edges, and runs about an inch and a half straight across the face, and looks like it slants down shallowly towards the horn. What are the chances the crack propagates? I'm worried that it is near inevitable. I really like this anvil, and paid way too much for it ($700 for a 150lb anvil). What measures can I take to protect against the crack spreading and loosing part of my faceplate? Any way to repair it?
  10. Well here is my Mousehole anvil, just got it cleaned no markings, no nothing on it, per Mousehole Forge book it looks like a 1860 Mousewhole see picture below, I believe the picture in the middle is my anvil. This is what it looked like when I first seen it. This is what it looked like when I brought it home, or to my brother in laws shed, placed on a new white oak stump. Here are the pictures of the anvil being cleaned.
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