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  1. A good tip if you use a wire wheel on a bench grinder is to put silicon or gap filler into the wires near the centre of the wheel (not on the outside edge where you will be using it of course). When it sets it will help hold the wire in the wheel and prolong the lifespan of the wheel. Be sure to push it right in there though, it can be messy but its worth it. Having less pieces of wire flying off into your apron/clothing is also a plus.
  2. money helps! i find it gets me most things i want, sometimes even the opposite sex...
  3. cheers for your input, i was leaning towards the vegie oil.
  4. G'day, i've made a dagger out of 1075 and 15N20 (first patern weld ) and would like to hear what you guys use to quench this combination. I've got old cooking oil or ALOT of old engine oil from trucks. The blade is 32mm wide, 6mm thick and about 250mm long. I've left 6mm of flat steel in the spine of the blade and the rest is bevelled. I thought it might be wise to ask first just incase, i dont want to ruin this one. What would you do? I promise pictures once its done too ;)
  5. how ya goin? here is a knife i made whilst at work. I found a broken piece of a file and some old leather gloves and decided to do this.. http://picasaweb.google.com.au/jack.lee.hollingsworth/Metal?feat=directlink My first stacked leather handle and peened end, i really could of done alot better, but hey, its for slaying dragons, not looking pretty.
  6. still on for saturday Mick? i'll give you a call friday arvo to confirm. need any steel?
  7. hey, here is the finished knife. Ive had it done for a while but havent been able to load JPEG to this website so here is the link! Picasa Web Albums .
  8. pictures of past projects youve worked on are handy. Also, show that your keen to learn and will show up every day! say what your really good at and say what you'd like to perfect. And being an apprentice, know how to take a great deal of cr*p lol. Apprentices that take things to heart and sook, tend to get picked on more. being that your 23 i'd say you know that already. i find it easier to get a job if im talking one on one with the supervisor/boss rather than being a random resume in a pile or inbox.. Get them talking about the place rather than you talking about yourself.. people would rather talk about themselves than listen. Good luck!
  9. nice, that red morell burl is good as, i want some! where did you get it? you had that with you at Mikes ( ABA.. QLD ) on saturday didnt you?
  10. clear coat laquer in a spray can works well. but it comes off with use..
  11. G'day, at my work there are a few lengths of "spring steel" flat bar that were left over from a job.. The boss said its 1447 or just "spring steel"... does this sound right to you guys? Ive had a look at this link and others: Steel designations and common steel compositions - British Blades :: Custom Knife Making would it be 1(plain carbon) 4 (4 alloying elements or is it Molybdenum) and 0.47 percent carbon? I'm no expert on spark testing but its a whole lot different to mild steel and similar to when i sharpen my chisel (bench grinding). any thoughts guys? are the numbers a bit mixed up?
  12. hello there, just thought i'd show how nice stainless steel and aluminium can polish up to. the only downside is that any little imperfection shows up very easily.
  13. i do alot of MIG welding and i tend to clench my teeth when concentrating.. i love to belt out a tune whilst welding away so this is good encouragement!
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