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  1. Mike Cross

    Anvil weights by dimension

    Hi Tom. Thanks for the interest. No, it didn’t have an inlet, although I did find one like you’re describing in my research. I guess it worked in conjunction with a power hammer? Very interesting. I would’ve loved to post some pics of the anvil I intended on purchasing but the seller backed out, he was offered more $$.. The pic I had contained the sellers info, and I was keeping that private. I was raised where a man’s word is a man’s word, and a deal’s a deal. Oh well, at least he told me before I made that journey! It wasn’t meant to be and greater opportunities await on the horizon. I’ll update my profile to fully benefit from this site.. Thanks again for your time!
  2. Mike Cross

    Anvil weights by dimension

    Hey guys. Looking at a Fisher stamped 1942, no other signs aside from a riveted “Property of Defense Corp” under what I believe to be the stamped eagle. 34” total length, 14” high, and a 5 3/4” face width. Have a good idea the weight is over 300#, appears to be in good condition. Painted. Wear and tear, minimal pitting on thick face, all there. Wondering if anyone is familiar with these, possibly a more specific weight, and fair price. I’m in the Northeast but have a 3 1/2 hour drive to get there. Thanks! I’ll try to get a picture for you..
  3. Mike Cross

    Fontanini vs Nimba

    Thanks! Solid tip, I’ve never heard of them. I guess they’re out of Michigan, nice looking anvil at a reasonable price. H13 too! Should last a couple years! Appreciate the info..
  4. Mike Cross

    Fontanini vs Nimba

    Thanks for the tip!
  5. Mike Cross

    Fontanini vs Nimba

    Hello all, new to this forum and looking for some guidance. Upgrading and looking at the Fontanini 460 and Nimba Gladiator. Refflinghaus is just too far a reach for me to justify financially, and I’m certainly partial to supporting American. I am leaning toward the Fontanini. Any thoughts or experiences with these anvils? Currently use a 229# Peter Wright and a 104# Hay Budden. Thanks for any advice!