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  1. I appreciate the response. I ended up cancelling the deal yesterday after some sound advice from Frosty and Thomas. Your thoughts further firm up my decision. I refer to this site quite a bit and respect the knowledge and honesty presented here.. I actually had a similar nagging feeling about a previous repair! I ended up parlaying my funds into a nice old step vise, even had the upsetting block.. Thanks again, and enjoy your Sunday!
  2. Thank you Frosty and Thomas, just the advice I was looking for. Appreciate you guys taking the time and sharing your knowledge. Think I have a phone call to make..
  3. Thank you for the response.. It’s such a shame, the rest of the anvil is in terrific condition.. Seller states no change in pitch, even over damaged area. I think it may be too far a trip to gamble on.. Spend those couple of hours doing something constructive in the shop instead.. I can’t imagine the tremendous amount of force it took to cause that!
  4. Good rebound, same ring throughout.. What do you think could have caused this? Thanks in advance!
  5. Absolutely, well said! Thanks again, always appreciate your insight!
  6. Thank you for the response Thomas! The gentleman I purchased it from believed it was a William Foster. And after seeing his shop, I was truly humbled, and respected his opinion.. We talked for quite awhile.. This fellow was on a different level, he knew things about things that I didn’t even know were things! I scoured the entire anvil under headlamp and couldn’t find a trace of any dots where the weights would be.. Postman brings up an excellent point about the underside of the horn. Could definitely be an early MH. Whoever the maker may be, I’m very happy with the purchase.. 80% rebound and a nice ring throughout!
  7. Hello all! Wondering if anyone can assist me in identifying this beauty! Picked this up today.. Old bathroom scale reads about 250lbs.. Very knowledgeable fellow who sold it to me says he thinks it may be a William Foster.. Very nice guy who I spent some time talking with and admiring his vast tool collection.. No identifiable markings after light wire wheel and oil.. I know the Foster’s usually had a date on them, nothing I can decipher here.. Any insight would truly be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Thank you for sharing your expertise! Wow, 1850s! Good luck with your project, certainly a noble endeavor.. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.
  9. Thank you very much, appreciate your time and sharing of knowledge!
  10. Ahhhh! Good observation! I was under the assumption it was forged due to the keyholes/ tongholes.. But the raised “2” is a very solid piece of evidence to indicate a cast. There also is swelling under the hardy as well.. Do I have a Badger? So much left to learn.. I am in Western Massachusetts BTW.. Appreciate the input!
  11. Picked this up today. No distinct stamping but I believe it is a Fisher. Only mark is, what I believe to be, a “2”, on the rear foot. See pic. Stand for 200lbs.? Weighed it on a scale about as old as the anvil and it read 185lbs. Makes sense, give or take a few.. No ring, like a Fisher. Great rebound, like a Fisher. Shaped, like an old Fisher. Forged, not cast. See pic. I would like to know the approximate time period from any Fisher expert, and any other information about this anvil if possible. Thank you and truly appreciate and respect any shared knowledge.
  12. Hi Tom. Thanks for the interest. No, it didn’t have an inlet, although I did find one like you’re describing in my research. I guess it worked in conjunction with a power hammer? Very interesting. I would’ve loved to post some pics of the anvil I intended on purchasing but the seller backed out, he was offered more $$.. The pic I had contained the sellers info, and I was keeping that private. I was raised where a man’s word is a man’s word, and a deal’s a deal. Oh well, at least he told me before I made that journey! It wasn’t meant to be and greater opportunities await on the horizon. I’ll update my profile to fully benefit from this site.. Thanks again for your time!
  13. Hey guys. Looking at a Fisher stamped 1942, no other signs aside from a riveted “Property of Defense Corp” under what I believe to be the stamped eagle. 34” total length, 14” high, and a 5 3/4” face width. Have a good idea the weight is over 300#, appears to be in good condition. Painted. Wear and tear, minimal pitting on thick face, all there. Wondering if anyone is familiar with these, possibly a more specific weight, and fair price. I’m in the Northeast but have a 3 1/2 hour drive to get there. Thanks! I’ll try to get a picture for you..
  14. Thanks! Solid tip, I’ve never heard of them. I guess they’re out of Michigan, nice looking anvil at a reasonable price. H13 too! Should last a couple years! Appreciate the info..
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