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  1. Suggest away! You guys know your stuff and don't want a sucky forge! Thanks!
  2. Lol! My problem is I'm a terrible troubleshooter....great at fixing and making things though. I need thorough instructions or I overcomplicate things. Doesn't help that everyone has an opinion and Google throws at you. Thank God there's sites like this with people who know how and why things work to steer us along.
  3. Not a bad first try lol, thanks to everyone who's posted tutorials and offers advice!! I'm not happy with several things about this forge (the way i made it) but now I know what to do differently next time. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to mess with it a bit more.
  4. Well....slowly made progress, forgot to take pics along the way.... Here I am today..first firing...hows it look? Rebar was in there just for fun...turned red (inside the forge, took it out couldn't see it) in 3 min roughly, wadnt really keeping an eye on it. Don't seem to sputter....sounded like a weed burner. Still new to this do I'm not exactly sure what to look for in flame color....and should I fire a few small times to break it in? Burner angle is off abit still I just got my tap today. Thanks
  5. Great stuff guys!! This is very interesting. I like the idea of the burner letting off heat in a bigger area. The only thing im wondering is why the burners aren't even longer to cover more area. I've read the pdf on Wayne's site [blower powered)..are there any other good reads on narb setups so I can understand the relationship between plenum size and nozzlettes? Or is it all just trial and error? Thanks....
  6. Ahhh....i didn't see doors so I thought it was still under testing stage.
  7. I've used a palm sander with no sandpaper on it on concrete countertops to get air out. Would that work good for this also?
  8. Thanks for your thoughts! I'm gonna keep it simple and easy...traditional.
  9. So.....i just read forged 101 newest post...it mentioned frosts flange mount for his burners. I had thought about welding a couple to the inside of my tank and threading the burner directly....not sure how bad an idea that is....thoughts?
  10. I will aim it where you and frosty suggest hahaha... I need to read that a few more times to get it to sink in. Am i following you that you aim in front of your workpiece and let the flame roll over it? Im really trying to learn the rules not just follow others, got a thick skull though.
  11. Awesome thank you! I will be changing it tonight after work as well as setting all my refractory.(hopefully) I will post many pictures, no pics never happened lol
  12. This is my first my forge so it's all new to me lol, I'm game to try it and let you all know if it sucks. Am I over thinking the heat circulation then by having the angle so high?
  13. 1st forge 20lb?(12inx12 roughly) propane tank....lots of arguments for every angle of burner. 2 layers wool, kast-o-lite 3000, metrikote...should finish out at cutout holes. Is this angle good? It won't quite hit the ceiling but looks like it will roll along nicely. Thoughts please...thank you.
  14. What bugs me is I know I've seen something about it.....i should start taking notes lol. Called around today...2 stores have parts!! Win! Getting off work early tomorrow to get them. Doing a bathroom remodel at home interferes with my progress though....happy wife is good though!
  15. Sounds like a plan! Have to get off work early and hit the shops. I have a decent drill press so the hard parts easy! After all the reading I've done I'm not sure if I saw anything on the rules, or plans for a flare. i could buy one but Id like to make one.