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  1. Thanks everyone, and @ThomasPowers I understand the inertia part I'm just surprised how much of a difference there is. But I can't see why having too big of an anvil would be a problem other than for transportation. Such as how you would use a small one for jewelry, but I'm sure that has a simple answer somewhere.
  2. So I'm trying to learn more about forging. I'd like to get into tool, decoration, and probably weapon making. Everywhere I've looked has advised a larger anvil 75lbs+ but I can't seem to understand why. I understand the difference in types of anvil except for weight. Does an anvil weighing 150lbs have an advantage over the 100lbs of the same make, if so, what's the difference? Better bounce back or what? Everyone talks about how weight matters for your application but I've yet to read from any book, forum, or site as to why it matters. Thanks, Zack
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